Majestic landscapes in Europe’s north western corner ... Between the warming Gulf Stream and the rough Arctic Ocean... With a climate that causes intriguing variations between the seasons...With scenery that spans from fertile plains to deep fjords and untamed mountains...With well developed modern industries and high-tech environments...With high standards of modern comfort and outdoor pleasures...

A patriotic population of five million flourishes in the borderland between east and west,comfortably close to the European heartland, with communications that mean the continent is never far away. Norway has a desire to forge links with the rest of the world, and ambitious plans to allow others to share the experiences that only Norway can offer. 

Daily flights connect with European travel hubs, America, East Europe and the Far East.An extensive network of domestic air routes and telecommunications provide a model for the rest of the world, and give Norway a central and practical location for international tourism

 Bergen - «The Gateway to the Fjords».

Bergen is known as the «city between the 7 hills» and as «the gateway to the fjords». The city is a former Hanseatic port and the birthplace of the famous composer Edward Grieg. It has a unique architecture, and Europe's largest areas of well kept wooden houses still in use.

The harbour front Fish Market is truly world famous and a heaven for salmon lovers! The city has also been voted one of the cleanest and tidiest cities in Europe! As «the gateway to the fjords», the city is the natural starting point for breathtaking fjord explorations.

Both the majestic Sognefjord and the charming Hardangerfjord are easily accessible from Bergen on a leisurely day trip.

Bergen is the ideal travel destination, offering the attractive combination of nature, culture and pulsating city life. In the period from May to July, the evenings are light and pleasant. Sun sets at approx. 23.00 but it never gets truly dark! The light nights combined with the fresh air, the pulsating night life and the historic, picturesque streets, make Bergen one of the most exciting destinations to visit in the summer months!

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