Oceans13 MTS/IEEE wants to showcase some samples of the world leading Bergen based marine industry by offering two technical onsite visits on Monday June 10th 2013, open to all Oceans13 participants. Both visits run parallel to each other and the tutorials. The price per visit is NOK 650 and it will include lunch. Limited space. Bookable through the conference registration platform.

Visit A:
Visit the largest Subsea base in the world at the Coast Center Base, Ågotnes, outside Bergen.

Location:  Coast Center Base (CCB) at Ågotnes, 40 minutes outside Bergen
Date: Monday June 10th2013. Timing: 0900-1430
Since the early 1980s the subsea industry in the Bergen area, Norway, has grown to become one of the world’s most complete environments for subsea technology. The cluster’s world leading position and the established interaction between participants formed the basis for the Norwegian government’s appointment of the cluster as a Norwegian Centre of Expertise for subsea technology in 2006. More than 150 companies in the Bergen region are involved in the subsea industry.
The venue for this visit, Coast Center Base (CCB), at Aagotnes outside Bergen is the largest subsea base in the world. Nowhere in the world will you find as much subsea equipment gathered at one geographical site. There you will find Aker Solutions and FMC Technologies main aftermarket facilities, Statoil’s main Subsea Pool, and a wide range of small and medium sized companies focusing on subsea products and services.
The visit will give an introduction to the regional and global oil and gas subsea industry and subsea technology. You will visit workshops and see subsea hardware and control systems yet not installed in the ocean, as well as equipment being refurbished after many years of operation at the North Sea seabed.
Time Event Remarks
0900-0940 Transport Grieghallen – Coast Center Base  
0945- 1015 Presentation Coast Center Base
Supplying oilfields

Base activities
IMR for rigs
1015-1045 Presentation NCE Subsea
West Coast Norway Subsea Cluster
Global Subsea Industry Outlook
Cluster activities and results
1045-1115 Presentation by Statoil
Historical subsea milestones
Subsea Fast track projects
Ongoing major subsea technology projects (gas compression)
1115 - 1215 Lunch on-site.  
1215-1240 Aker Solutions Life Cycle Services
Aker Solutions Subsea in brief
Subsea Technology, how it works
1240-1300 Transport to Aker Solution SLS  
1300 – 1345
Tour at Aker Solutions SLS facilities/workshop
See actual subsea equipment/hardware
1345-1430 Transport from CCB back to Grieghallen  

Visit B:
Visit one of the most modern fish reserarch labs in the world, the IMRs Matre Research Station Location:  Institute of Marine Research’s Matre Research Station, 1,5 hours outside Bergen.
Date: Monday June 10th2013. Timing: 0900-1600

This visit has been cancelled due to low attendee numbers.

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